World full of butterflies when dating your Best Friend

Dating your best friend gives you butterflies.It feels like a romantic plus comedy movie going in real. A best friend is a true version of you who is aware of your all habits.You guys have no formalities to do when together. A liberty is always with you to tease your partner or to turn him on. The love between you will be genuine because you have known each other for years and have accepted each other for all of your flaws. You are deeply connected souls in the weirdest forms.

Relationship last longer and stronger when you are best friends first and couples second.

1. Things that happens when you are dating your best friend:-

1. You have done funny things to each other's pictures and have posted them on social media.

2.You use to call each other with millions of nicknames and always different.

3.You spend most of the time together in each other's world.

4.You love each other genuinely but don't choose to express each and every day.

6. You know each other's weak pulses and know when to use it.

7. You cannot stay mad at each other for hours.His voice is the dose of your good day.

8. You feel sharing each and every new good music/ movie released or something excited happened.

9. You are very well aware of each other's food habits.

10. You have been there in best to worst situations cheering them.

11. Whenever sad, he is the person who gets you out of it.

12. You talk for hours and bitch about anything to everything.

13. You guys are shameless.

14. You know how to turn him on. You are comfortable in bed.

15. Most of the communications will be the funniest one involves laughter.

16. There won't be any single spot on the body he hasn't kissed.

17. The relationship is always worth staying.

18. The comfort zone is always available to you.You need not always to get dressed up every time.

19. The understanding level between you people is so good that people around are always envied off.

20. Being a best friend first and the couple later you guys brag about each other's accomplishments like they are your own.

21. You both get jealous when your bestie hangs out with another opposite gender.

Every day you will thank god for giving him/ her to your life.The reason for happiness.

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