Want To Propose Her ? These Ideas Will Help You !!

1. Perfect place

Choose a favorite place , it can be a fountain, a hotel rooftop, a monument or any place that has a personal significance to both of you. Once you reach that place ask someone to take a picture of you together and instead of posing, drop down on one knee.

2. Go musical

Have a choir or a brass band show up for a surprise performance of your lady love’s favorite song in a park or public location and create just the right mood for proposal.

3. Surprise her with a sketch

Get a surprise proposal with a street caricaturist, ask the caricaturist sketch a picture of you love birds with word bubbles saying, "Will you marry me?".

4. Unique approach

At an aquarium ask the divers to put on a proposal show inside their biggest fish tank with a waterproof sign saying, "Will you marry me?"

5. Play Games

You can play a treasure hunt with your fiancée-to-be that will end with your proposal.

6. Dedicate a song in public

Go for a dance party or a DJ night and ask the DJ to pass you the mic so you can dedicate a song and propose your lady love on the dance floor.

7. Go for skywriters

You can hire a skywriter to write your proposal for everyone around to see.

8. Make a headline

Put a full-page ad in a newspaper or ask a radio jockey to put you on air when she is listening to that radio channel.

9. Full of thrill

Plan a romantic getaway for two where you have to go in the plane and when you're on the plane, ask the flight attendant to let you use the loudspeaker system and propose at 35,000 feet.

10. Now that's a surprise

Go to the beach for a stroll and build a sandcastle together and when your partner is not looking put the ring on the highest tower.

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