Why Are Good Manners So Important?

Many people believe that good manners are not much important in our lives. Most people also believe that being polite is something that's lame and only meant for fools. But if someone didn’t told you so, you should know that good manners are very important. One of the best ways to determine a person’s character is by their good manners. You don't need to know someone deeply to know their character. A little observation of their conversation and their actions will tell your everything. If he or she shows kindness, friendliness and sympathy then we instantly believe them to be good and having good manners. The other person on the other hand who is rude, angry, shouts abusive words and lacks empathy, we instantly judge them to be a bad person having bad manners. Many of us are just people walking around in a camouflage and the only way that makes people judge us different are our mannerisms. So we should develop good manners in our lives. 

Manners are simply the outside version of what we internally are. The importance good manners cannot be overestimated. There is a pleasant and particular way to deal with different people and different aspects of our life. But it's always shows that you possess good manners when you are courteous to others. A courteous person is always welcoming to others. In order to develop a positive image of yourself you must develop good manners. Roosevelt once said to his son “My boy, study to be courteous.” A courteous man is also a gentleman in the great sense. He knows how to behave in society and social circles, with friends, relatives and even starters. Women love a man who possess good manners and who are courteous to them. A young lawyer once asked to an old judge in what way would a man cultivate his power and individuality. The old judge said “ Constantly examine your manners.” 

Good and gentle manners influence others in a very powerful way. In the world of business, all transactions and meetings are helped by politeness. Most men do not become successful because of their lack of good manners and their failure to make a good impression on others. Lack of courtesy is always repulsive. 

Be gentle. Think good of others and help people. If people would focus more on their good manners then it would highly assist them to win others and attain a high place in their career.

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