Why Is Your First Impression So Important?

You met a woman at a bar or a party and you had the most lively conversation ever in your life. Later when you go home and send her a text, there is no response from her. In another case, you go to a job interview feeling like on the top of the world and think that you nailed it. You expect a call from your employer but it never came. 

Have these type of situations ever happened to you? You start wondering from beginning to end that everything just went right but don't seem to understand what went wrong. It's very frustrating. The problem might be with your first impression.

In our day to day lives, from friends at school to the gym, to cashiers and to other strangers we make contact with them for the first time. It might not be very important for us to remember these encounters. But every interaction we had involved a certain opportunity and a chance of meeting a new lover or a new friend. And all these possibilities, whether they become something great is very much dependent on our first impression. You might have never thought that your first impression might be that much important. Here we will clear all the misconceptions about first impression and how to master it.

In your life, you might have heard people talking all the time that first impression is important or that if your want to be successful improve your first impression. But few realized how important they are. Whenever you meet a new person, his/her brain instantly forms an image of you in just one millisecond. In 60 seconds it is processed as many as ten thousand both oral and visual. This particular image they form suggests to them how you might be, what your like and if you are worth knowing better. Such hints have a great effect on the primal and emotional centers of the brain which produce a gut feeling whether you are a potential asset or a threat for them. What this means is that other people just by looking at you has already decided how you are before you said anything or introduced yourself. 

These first impressions might seem nonsense but as research states they are highly accurate in unveiling a person’s personality. People are always looking for such cues and it would be very helpful if you present yourself in the best way possible. The first impressions are not only instantaneous, hard to disprove and accurate but they are also a sign of who you are. To make a fantastic first impression doesn't mean you should be fake. It starts with improving your inner game and then beginning with presenting your original self in the best way.  

The best advantage in mastering your first impressions is that it provides you control in your conversations and interactions. It shows others what you really are. By mastering first impressions, you will have more control of your life. So the next time you go out to meet that girl or your employer, remember to make a super first impression.

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