Flirting - How to do it the right way!

If you want your dream girl to be interested in you, you should know how to flirt. But only knowing flirting is just the beginning. You have to know how to flirt the right way. Flirting is an art and you can learn it. But you need to gather up your courage and be ready to strike up a conversation.


Here are a few tricks and tips to doing flirting the right way.

1. Choose a good opening line.

The opening line is very important in the process of flirting. It's very natural that if you want to flirt with your crush or whomever you are interested in, you have to talk to them. With a good opening line ready, it will help you and make it easier. But the important part here is that the opening line should not be too corny or cliché. Trying an old boring line would just make you look more of a clown. If in case your line is good and they still laugh at you, don't take it seriously and just laugh it off as well. The best opening lines are particularly those where both share common interest. For example, if there is a new movie at the theater, you could just ask “Hey did you watch the Movie X?”. It's all about breaking the ice and starting a conversation.

2. Compliment the person

Compliments are great when you do it correctly. Flirting should come off as natural and should be positive that makes the other person feel comfortable with you. A casual compliment like “ Hey you scored good marks in the test. Tell me how you did it?” will work fine. But don't overdo it. Complimenting too much can make you look awkward. Compliments are also great opening lines if you don't know how to start with.

3. Make Eye Contact

Body language is important when you are flirting. A big part of it is the eye contact. A good eye contact shows interest and intimacy. When you are flirting and you show weak eye contact, your flirting won't do you any good. Also don't stare endlessly. Endless staring can make you look creepy. Just an occasional strong eye contact with a smile will be fine. Remember to maintain eye contact at all times.

4. Open Body Language

To make your flirting as effective as possible, you have you keep an open body language. Most of what you communicate is non verbal so it's very important to maintain a good open body language. Some examples are open palms, uncrossed legs, open chest and leaning slightly forward.

5. Leave them wanting more

If you think your flirting went well and now it's time to say goodbye, make sure you keep the other person interested by leaving them wanting more. Avoid being in the friend zone. Being over friendly can make you a potential friend. Also don't be available at all times. It you are always texting and calling, you actually look like you are trying very hard. Meet less often and communicate sparingly.

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