t is very essential to take shelter in the true Spiritual Master. The Master tells us how a disciple can have reverence, true feelings and firm faith. He is our guide. When we come to the Spiritual Master we should have no doubts in our mind. If we have doubts, then we can’t progress on the path of devotion. So before acquiring the Knowledge, we should thoroughly understand how it will bring about a transformation in our hearts. If we just follow others, we will not be able to understand the real importance of the Knowledge.

When something is given to us, we do not understand its importance, but when it is taken away from us, we understand its value and importance. Similarly, we have not yet understood the value and importance of the Knowledge, but when our end comes, we will understand. So our saints said, “Ram Nam ki loot hai, loot sake to loot. Ant kal pachhtayega jab pran jayenge chhoot.” Now is the time to take the Holy Name because it is available and given so easily. If we do not take Knowledge and do not meditate, then we shall regret it at the end of our life. When God calls us, we cannot say that we did not meditate and ask for some more time.

There is a story that once Yamraj (the Lord of Death) came to a man and told him that his time was up. The man said, “Oh Yamraj, I have not yet got married. I have no children. You should warn me when you will come so that I can prepare myself.” Yamraj replied, “Okay, I will come again. Before coming I will send three letters as warning to you.” Then Yamraj departed.

That man went through the different stages of his life and ultimately grew old. Yamraj came again to take him. He cried, “Yamraj, you promised to send three letters to me before coming. I haven’t received any such letters from your side, even though I have been checking the mail daily.” Yamraj replied, “How can you say that you received no letters? Your hair used to be black. Now it is all grey. This was my first letter. Earlier your eyesight was normal but now you have to wear thick spectacles. This was my second letter. Earlier, you used to be able to jump but now you have continuous pain in your bones and knees. This was my third letter.” All this is happening to every one of us. Yamraj works in such a way that nobody knows when he will appear, so it is essential that we acquire the Knowledge of God and meditate regularly. When saints were asked what is the most important time and how can a person know it, then they all gave the same message that the present time is the most important time. Why did they say that? Because the time which has already passed cannot be retrieved and nobody knows about the time which is yet to come. We will enjoy in the future the results of whatever we do today. If we are treading the true path today, then our future will be full of happiness. But those who walk the wrong road today will get a future full of troubles and miseries.

“As you sow, so shall you reap” is a law of Nature. So, if we do pious and noble actions, we shall have a good future. Enjoyment of worldly happiness gives distressing results in the end, because worldly happiness is short-lived, it is time-bound. When we wear new clothes, then mind feels a momentary happiness. After a while the clothes become old and are torn and we throw them away. In other words, material things do not have the power to give permanent happiness. This power lies only in remembering the Holy Name of God.

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