Dating Tips: 7 Things to avoid on first date

First dates can be exciting when they go well and terrifying when they don’t. It is easy to lose your mind on your first date because of the excitement and nervousness while dating.  It is easy to blow it on the first date because if you start on the wrong foot, you’re likely to ruin all future chances of dating up again. It is essential having control over your emotions as it is the key to the lock of great first date and increase the chances of the second one. However, avoid doing things that can potentially damage the future of your budding romance. So, here some things you can avoid on the first date to make it more smoothly.

1. Ask questions but avoid interviewing

It’s natural to want to know if the two of you might be a match based on shared interests. But there is a difference between being curious about the person and turning it into an interview. Your first date isn’t the time to ask how much your date makes, questions about Ex(s) and past relationships. There are many people who do just that believe it or not it’s a major turn off. Keep it light and fun.

2. Talking too much about yourself

Making the conversation about yourself might put the wrong impression on your partner. Your partner ends up think you as self-aggrandizer. You should be a good listener. You will become more likeable if you are a good listener. The first date isn't about you talking. Learn to ask the right question to keep the other person talking, otherwise, you will probably respond in a way that shows lack of interest.

3. Be On Time

If you are going on a date for the first time, be punctual. It shows your sense of responsibility and shows how much you are interested in your date. Being late is a sign of an irresponsible person. So, be on time and make a great first impression.

4. Constantly checking your phone

Regularly checking your phone or taking too many calls do not create a good impression of you. Put your phone in the silent mode just before you arrive at your destination. Only get it out if you have to take a picture or look up something important that is relevant to the ongoing conversation.

5. Bring your date Home To Your Parents

No!No!No! Never bring your date at home to meet up with your parents on the first date. It's tough to achieve any sort of physical or mental pleasure knowing your parents are within 100 feet of you. And now partner have to put an impression on your parents as well. So, better keep it simple and easy and move slowly step by step.

6. Politics or political views

Such topics should be avoided at all cost as they usually turn into personal arguments. Besides, there are lots of things to discover about your dates' rather than political choices and preferences.

7. Don’t make it a hookup

This final suggestion is can be easier said than done. Don’t hook with your partner on the first date – ever. First dates might be scary. Make your first date apparent by never doing these things on a first date. You should give few dates to get to know each other before making a mutual decision to become physical. If the two of you are moved to kiss at the end of the night, that’s totally cool!

First dates are about getting comfortable with each other. The process of getting to know each other takes a whole lot longer than a few dates. So be calm and be yourself and don't be fake.

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