Enhance the relationship by building the trust between you.

A Relationship is on the right track only if there is a Trust between the partners. It is a most influencing and non compromised factor. In the name of Trust so many people are often being ditched upon which ultimately is the reason they never forgive themselves for why did they trust that person. Love is blind but love knows no trust sacrifices. Just being sexually faithful is not enough though it is also a key point but again it's never enough. Being faithful with all the intentions is what one expects from the other. A kid blindly believes everyone because whoever around him do not possess ill intentions until he grows further and finds that people are fake. This is the life of a matured person that since childhood they have seen people with different natures and met many led to either a broken heart or been ditched. Rebuilding trust is somewhat a hectic task yet worthwhile. Because after then you have won that person.

Relationship is a combinations of love & emotion , and they are engage with each other.

1. Respect is first and Mandatory

You’ll be responded nicely only if the next finds out that you actually respect them, their time, and existence. That is why it is mandatory..

2. Better Communication

The trust basis is always and always influenced by better communication. Talking over an issue, conversation on the day spent, spend time in talking the random things like your dream, friends, relationship, objectives, situations etc lead to a strong bond between you. You’ll end up becoming best friends as best friend is the one where there is comfort or you feel at home so talking over the matter everyday enhances the bond between two.

3. Grow with each other

Do Not allow the negativities in a relationship. Give it some time and space, nurture your bond because a good relationship helps one to grow further. It changes the perception about life. You guys then get more concerned about the tiny things that matters the most.

4. Share Share and Share

Do Not lie and keep secrets about anything. When you share you feel a burden getting away. And it also relieves you on the other hand. When you start keeping the secrets and your partner get to know about it from someone else it actually hurts them.

5. Keep your promises

No matter what, if you were to call him or her, do that first . If you have promised to the next just try to fulfill it and if you are not able to just say it. Keeping your promises makes you punctual and empathic

6. Keep a heart who knows to forgive

Sometimes due to situations one mistake but that doesn't mean the next doesn't value you. Forgiving is the best thing you can favor your partner and understanding them and their situations make your bond more stronger.

7. Do Not judge

A person who understand your will never judge you and being in a relation judging is not a good option. You should be the one that your partner can rely on. Instead of judging them, support them.

8. Be a Supporter

When there is support from both the sides, you are always stronger and everything happens with a miracle. Support their dreams, be a should on which they can cry on. Be a strong Shoulder to your partner.

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