My Father believed in me; daddy & daughter's bonding!!

To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter. It's really true in every sense. Mom is usually the first person girls turn to. But in modern days, a lot is changed.
Some 50 years ago fathers were not allowed in the delivery room but now dads are there from the very beginning. Today Fathers are very active in nurturing their kids. They try to be present at every odd-even situations with their daughters. This Parenting paradigm shift has led to many benefits to both daughters and fathers. Fathers have become the consistent source of protection, safety, honesty, nurturing, respect and love. 
Few days ago, my friend asked me if my boldness was inherited. I never thought about it earlier. But she wasn't wrong too. It is gifted to me by my daddy who has always been there by my side. He has always believed in me and motivated me. Both my parents have been the power booster to me with whom I am luckiest to share such a greater bonding I can never thank enough. My father has more influence on my behaviour. Few years ago, while making the payment of goods, that were bought in the past, to own by me, I stayed honest there. And he simply asked me the name of my father. I dictated. And he nodded with a smile and said so that is the reason you are honest. It's been inherited to you by your father.

Young girls who have a warm, close relationship with their dads are better able to handle everyday stressors, are less prone to depression and anxiety, and are better able to talk about their feelings, according to a study publipubli Journal of Family Psychology.

1. When Mom is out of town!

A girl, if she is close to her dad, share everything in a routine life from school or office matters to menstrual cramps to asking dad to make her pony to having dinner together. The more enjoyable days are when the mother goes out of town and the kitchen is in the hands of both father and daughter.They both cook, share the work and make a tastier dish and talk with mom and at the end of the day both miss her much.

2. Daddy on duties...

Most of the dads are the who drop you at your friend's place and also the one who listens to your list of friends and their karnamaas and your's too!! If something mischievious happens, dad is always there to protect you. So He is your dad who teaches you to be independent and is the mom who makes you learn the etiquette and lessons of real life. She portrays you. No man you'll ever be met will be your father's equal, and You will never love any other man as much

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