How to maintain the fireworks, butterflies and glitter bombs in a long distance relationship?

Long Distance Relations sound really difficult as many of these relations doesn't work out. But what actually works is the Patience just to see each other, to meet that person who has become so close to you from being a friend to being your love. The wait that you do just to see each other and the wait of that day what you guys had dreamt of for months, holding each other's hand and walking down the street, that first kiss, that first hug between you, seeing the person in reality out of the pictures is always a cherished moment. Whatever you shared for the first meeting when happens in real is just incomparable. But what really required is to make it last longer, those bubbliness not for just number of years but for memories or rest of the life.

1. Communicate regularly

Send each other a good morning and good night text every day. Take it as a compulsion because starting a day with cheering wish makes the mood blooming.

2. A big No to Long calls all day long.

Try to communicate less, that less is 2 short 10 minutes calls. Excessive Communication may lead to boredness after couple of days. You may get to know everything within some days leading to loss of excitedness.

3. Be clear about your Relationship.

As if after spending a year you may ask your partner to marry you who is not ready. So at first only be clear about your commitments.

4. Do the same things at the same time

Like you both are hungry, cook Maggie at the same time or go to shopping and send each other pics of what to buy, or watch same movie online.

5. Don't be afraid to send pics

Its okay to send pics, don't feel discomfort as they may want to see your face, so never stop sending pics whenever they want.

6. Play Games online together

Be it Ludo or Battleship, you'll always have fun distance doesn't matter .

7. Never count on the things

It happens usually when they text you less or cannot call every time. Never keep a score, who called how many. One always has to put efforts

8. Keep everything real

Always talk about Things. Since they have become a part to your life, be open to them like a book. Don't avoid talking about difficult things

9. Appreciate him more often

You must have seen how one compliment changes your mood. Appreciation doesn't mean only on achievements but for the efforts they are making also matters.

10. Compliment them

Compliment their smile, eyes, lips, nature, body. So next time whenever she'll look into mirror she'll remember your words and blush every time.

11. Be expressive

You should know to express your feelings for they make you feel, how much you love them, and what is the thing that holds you on them.But that doesn't mean every day you say it.

12. Never give up on them

Just because its becoming harder to live across miles, never decide to give up. Sometime its more worthy. You know their value and how they have handled you in your bad phase, try to keep patience with your partner.

13. Visit more often

Make time available to meet as often as possible. Meetings as a person leads to stronger commitments, bond and trust development. Try to spend more time keeping your phones at side and having food at some good restaurant or surprising with some cute gifts.

14. Earn their trust and stay faithful

As you guys are miles apart so you don't get to see each other more often and cannot even keep a check up from a distance. But personal values should be maintained by the couple staying faithful to each other. Not getting tempted by opposite gender or Staying loyal is the key to bubbly relationship.

15. Be the reason to smile

It happens when a person in love watches any romantic movie, he watch out the movie like his own story. So try to be that special to them so they remember you for every good thing.

16. Make video Calls

Whenever you get time, twice in a week, make video calls and shower the kisses on him. Give him enough time to stare at you and let him say whatever comes to his mind. Feel each other, blush and wush.

17. Talk about the fears or insecurities you get through

Always communicate the doubts you get on each other. Say each other whatever goes into your mind because only he has the answers to all your insecurities.

18. Give pet names

Calling each other with pet names create a belongingness and affection between you guys.

19. Be the bestest friends

Saying those 3 words every time may become the reason to boredom. The relation should not be the typical love dovy rather it should be the chuddy buddy dosti.

20. Know the schedules

Try to call each other by knowing the schedules regarding family time, work/study time or other important tasks. First ensure that you are not disturbing them.

21. Talk sexy

Make his day and turn him on. Seduce him and adore him and love him.

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