If Sex Is Natural, Then Why Be Ashamed !!

Sex is one of the areas in our lives which most people are ashamed of. Many are so much ashamed that they don't even talk about it. Well, there are many reasons why most people are a bit shy about it. They may be insecure about their body, may have a wrong notion of what real sex actually is but no matter what the real reason is it's no great thing to be kept behind the curtain. Sex is a beautiful thing. It's full of passion and love, most importantly it is good for your health. If you love sex then the answer is you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It is a thing gifted by nature.

Some people say that it is wrong to sleep with many because it makes one immoral. Well, that's no way to judge one’s morality. You could sleep with many people and yet you can be a very moral person. If you put one’s having sex and not having into the category of right and wrong, then it would be a very illogical way to treat sex. Remember different people have different ideas on sex and it cannot be put to entirely being wrong.

Most of us are just ashamed of sex because what other people might think of us. It's just a very poor way to treat ourselves by the opinions of others. Having sex is nothing wrong. You didn't commit a crime. Everybody does it. So be comfortable with it. The one problem that people have is that they are always throwing their unwanted opinions on other people. To those people I say, stop putting your noses into other people's lives and try to live your own. Who sleeps with whom is none of your business.

Putting all the shame aside, you might be doing a good job for your body by having sex. Sex releases high levels of dopamine into your brain which is actually very good for your health. It's just as good as doing a workout. It is also a great stress reliever. If you had a hard day at the office and are tired, sex might be the best way to release all the pent-up tension. Whether you do it or not, there is no reason why you should be ashamed of it. In fact, shame when having sex can be very bad for your performance. Shame would create a lot of conflict in your relationships. It would make you feel bad about your sexuality. One of the biggest problems sex therapists usually face is of sexual shame.

Sexual shame can make you aloof and distant from your partner. If you both want to get comfortable with each other then sexual shame needs to be uprooted. You have to get comfortable with your bodies. It can also stop you from having new sexual experiences. It's very normal to feel shame about sex the first time. But you have to put the shame aside if you want to become a good partner. You might never know how sexual shame is hurting your partner as well. So put the shame away and enjoy sex.

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