Catch him Red Handed if is Cheating on you!!

Relationship is a ship carried on by 2 partners. If one deceives that ship tend to sink. Same philosophy is applied to the real life issues. Where if one partner continues to cheat, the relationship cannot be carried on for much longer. Unfaithfulness hurts the most whoever the person is. You gave your life or years to someone and they just replaces you with some other. The trust gets shattered, you find him nowhere to rely on and lose respect for him. You question yourself that why did you trust such a creepy man who has no backbone. But you cannot call him a man too, Real man don't go out to have fun instead they keep their promises.

1. Don't avoid if he become more secretive

Hiding the things from you, where he used to share everything now finds it irritating to have a talk over little matters. Does he try to avoid picking up the calls in your presence? Does he close the door when he call someone? Is he maintaining distance from you. Has he started talking more to the people you don't even know. Then girl he is cheating on you.

2. Guts never lie.

You may sense that something is not right between you and your boyfriend. Analyse what's wrong with you both or him? But believe me if your guts smell the presence of someone else between you, it is true. Do not ignore this feeling.

3. He has stopped spending time with you.

You may feel that your boyfriend is not giving you the quality time that he used to give. He might be busy but remember the time did he used to do the same in the beginning of your relation whenever he got busy? Or he used to give you time anyhow.

4. Stalk his social media once.

Checkout if he is online, and his followed pages or posts he is talking to someone. The like clicks by him on which girl’s pictures or use of several other social media platforms by him you may not be aware of.

5. If he has changed the passwords once known to you.

If he has changes his social media apps passwords that are still in use by him, that you are trying to login but cannot. Then something fishy is going on.

6. He pays more attention to his appearance

A real man has nothing to do with other women, but an unfaithful has whole lot to do. He will maintain his figure, to please other girls. And putting extra efforts in extensive exercises.

7. He works longer

He has started spending more time in his work than regular. It may be the signs of infidelity that he is making excuses to stay away from you in the name of meetings.

8. His attitude has changed

If you notice that your guy is not putting efforts in relationship or has stopped the care he used to take, or has lost interest in the relationship because of the same time is now spent with someone else. Asking you to be calm down, not satisfying your questions, instead ask you to shut up for everything.

9. His readiness for the relationship is a NO

He tells you that don’t want a serious relationship yet he talk to you more about love, he seems genuine and you just think may be he’ll change later but he does what he wishes but never accept the commitment and responsibilities required.

10. Enough attention but not moving forward.

He is spending enough time to make you feel that he is the one but doesn't say it rather end up saying i cannot marry you so don't expect me to get serious. Dude, not every couple marry that doesn't mean whenever you want we are in relationship and when your mood is not, we are not.

11. He has stopped initiating sexy time.

The sexy time you used to have atleast thrice in a week is now reduced to once in a month. He just stay away from you and don't bother about you anymore, to him you are just a burden from whom he is running away.

12. He is a loner in front of every other girl

He refer to himself alone wherever he goes, and does not accepts you publicly yet he has a superb answer for that it doesn't look good. But you know when he got ditched by his ex everyone knew how much he loved her.

13. He takes his life to text you back

He is a shitty communicator and takes his life to text you back. He is seen online on every other social media platform but is not using what you use to message him. And always makes some waste reason for not texting you back. It's really high time to leave him and never allow him to use you again.

14. He is a lust follower

Everywhere on insta he is following half naked girls and satisfying his lust from wherever he gets chance.

If nine out of thirteen points meet your boyfriend behaviour, duh! Leave him. He is just being with you for name sake. Walk away from him, he can never love you.

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