The Life with my Best Friend

Have you ever felt alone? Instead listening to an old saddest song, you turned up to your phone and made a call to your best friend. Well, this must have happened and even I am so used to it that staying away from my best friend kills me. We have been best friend since 5 years from our high school. In place of having 10-12 friends it’s much better to have one Best friend. She understands all your situations and you’ll be so comfortable with her. BFF is the one in front of whom you can pour your heart out. She will listen to you but will never judge you.You’ll feel cravings to spend more and more time with her because you guys enjoy each other’s company a lot that you forget everything else. When you are stuck somewhere, she will find you. You can actually count on her whenever you feel like for n number of times. And you know what your bff will be there. Your best friend feel jealous when you find someone else to make you feel good and you replaces your bff with your Bf. It hurts her a lot but she will fight for it. It was my 12th when my bff called me at 10pm just to say she was missing me. Who knew what gonna happen!! It was then 11.30 pm ..doorbell rang. My mom opened the door and guess who was there? MY BFF . I could not stop myself from laughing and she just hugged me crying. I felt she really missed me. Bonds just don't happen overnight but you have to nourish your friendship, listen to each other's idiotic talks, laugh over anything, sharing your food to dresses, calling each other’s parents In-Laws, rumours calling you guys lesbians because people have never seen you apart from each other. If i have felt down, i always found her beside me to ensure that i am safe. They never leave any day to tell you how much you mean to them. You start loving her/him. Your bestie cannot afford pity saying about you behind your back, Instead they will be your full time guard. Whenever we used to had night plans at each other’s home, we never slept on those nights. Spent them while talking, sharing, dreams talk, life and we. Friendship is always about Caring and Sharing. Not every time there are monetary benefits in any relation. One always want someone who can listen to them and can pour their heart out. Whenever you feel crying, you always have one shoulder to be relaxed. But you’ll always find those who want to break your bond because they are envy of you guys. If this happens, congo you guys are serious criminals. Your best friend is that angel who will make you learn how to fly, she will give you the courage and will always knock you if you are going wrong way. Many a time my bestie used to call me saying her lunch was at my home. At the end, she used to come and cook by herself something delicious. I was fortunate enough that she was a best cook. I can never forget the taste of the tea she used to make and the ‘kachori chaat’. Because of us, our families became friends and our father started the same things what we did ~ Visiting each other. They are times when i feel helpless, i miss her so much. Though we are far away but thanks to the advanced technology of smartphones we talk for hours and make video calls.

"Dear Best Friend, I don't know how to thank you but I am so lucky to have you in my life."

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