Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively- trolling each other is Realtionship goals for all

There are infinite reasons to move out of a relationship but there is only one thing to keep you with a person and that is the art of your partner to make you smile and feel special. No relation is perfect but couples who want to be together forever try to make their relationship almost perfect.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively is a famous couple. This couple rocks over hearts for their contribution to Hollywood as well as for their almost perfect relationship. About a year after “Green Lantern”, they started dating and fire across their hearts made them husband- wife. Blessed with two daughters, this couple is famous for its hilarious online trolling. Their fans wait for the next punch by them on each other on social media.

With the news of many couples breaking up after being in news for their love life, people have started sharing their thoughts on Ryan- Blake’s relationship, through twitter and instagram. Hollywood has already taken a lot with the splits of couples like Brangelina (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie), Zigi (Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid). Everyone is talking about heartbreak in case this couple decides to break up. Anyways, we should not worry about the rain unless we see interested clouds. Couple is on top of its love. Red Carpet always shows a refreshing way they walk together. Although both are actors and no one knows what is real but the way they look at each other, the trolls and mentions, makes people admire their relation.

The love for this couple is absolutely killing social media. All are so into this lovely couple that they don't miss a single chance of them being trolled by each other. This couple is obsessed with love and so all pray for them.

This couple has been a hilarious savage to each other .Twitter or instagarm, trolls by this couple is relationship goals for all. She starts a game with one troll and he continues it with his turn and vice versa but the game is always on and audience takes it as an exercise of being in a healthy relationship. . Look at these trolls-

A hairstyle troll. It is really cute and interesting to see their smiling faces.

Look at the birthday wishes. Both cropped each others picture. He cropped his wife out of picture with all focus on him on her birthday and she replied with a cropped picture of him focussing another handsome.

This is another one with the cooking skills of Reynolds. Upload by Blake is a Christmas day cookie preparation by Ryan and it looks really funny.

If you read all the trolls you will definitely get this feel that the couple is so committed to each other. They pay attention to each other no matter what.

Here is the Valentine's day troll. They wished each other like they were asking for extra marital date. It is pleasing to get that same spice in your love.

Although Blake said this but we do not agree because the way he sees her is absolutely crazy and it looks like he is telling everone that Blake is only mine.

This picture is from a shot and all were shocked to see her in this rough look but Ryan did not miss the chance to troll.

The couple is a relationship goal and it is clear from their body language as well that they are in sync which is rare. Couples go through a lot ups- downs but at the end of day they should fall more for eachh other.

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