Become More Approachable In Your Social Life

Gathering up the courage to talk to someone needs a lot of confidence. In order to be socially successful it is important that you make people interested in the conversation. Most of the time, people appreciate those who make the first move. It might also be the case with you. You would love if someone or a beautiful woman would come and talk to you first. It would save us a lot of effort and energy. This is especially helpful for the shy guys. But the problem is that most people aren't interested in doing this either. Chances are very little that someone would come of their own initiative. The tips here would make it easier for people to approach you. But it is very important that you make a good first impression on them.

If you are in a party or any social setting, how do you decide to talk to someone if you don't know anyone? You would most likely search for someone who might be a little friendly than the others and also welcoming. Our human brain is very capable of scanning for potential threats and choosing the safe ones. So to become more approachable you have to first think about with whom you are going to talk. Moreover it is important that you present a friendly atmosphere around you.

The first step to becoming more approachable is to adapt an open body language. Body language would refer to your posture, facial expressions and eye contact. In order to achieve a strong open body language, you have to open your vulnerable body parts such as your heart. When you expose these parts it shows that you are welcoming them and that you have nothing to hide from them. Never stand with your arms crossed over your chest. If you are drinking something, don't bring it in front of your chest. Keep your arms by your side. 

The second step is making good eye contact. Maintain a steady eye contact. Don't look at your feet or your phone and keep an open gaze. A good eye contact shows that you are inviting them to approach. Adding a warm smile with eye contact would make you more attractive. When you walk around just display a soft smile. When both of you made eye contact, just increase the smile.

It is also important to keep in mind that you are displaying to others what you are on a surface level. So it is important to dress well. Be well dressed and groomed. A poor haircut or disheveled clothes can ruin your game. It is also good if you have good facial hair. It might make a good introductory topic for others. Also don't be overdressed. It just looks very unattractive and would repulse people rather than being approachable. A good looking person shows that they have a good status, discipline and stability. So dress well, go out and become more approachable for others.

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