Why do long distance relationships suck?

There's no doubt that long distance relationship adds only stress and difficulty in your life. Not only does it complicates your love life, but sometimes also becomes very challenging to be a part of this so-called long distance relationship. If you ask me, they super suck and they don't even work any which way. Here are my reasons why you should avoid long distance relationships:

1. Trust issues.

When two people live far away from each other and live their own lives, trust issues can creep into your relationship. Living away means meeting new interesting people, one of them could be a potential love interest for you. You face never ending doubts and jealousy for them. Your trust on your partner decreases because of the constant fear that they may cheat on you and you would not even get to know about it. That really sucks.

2. The distance grows in the relationship.

Even after trying hard to make your relationship work through all your Skype dates and messaging, all your attempts to stay close somehow just fall apart. Both the partners somehow become distanced and go far apart from each other. And the worse part is that it happens without anyone really realising it.

3. All you do is miss them.

Even If you keep trying to stay in touch with your partner through various means, you only end up missing them even more. It appears as if you are missing them all the time and you cannot get them off your mind.

4. Special events can feel lonely.

There will be a time when you will be lonely at some social gathering or event and you will miss them the most at that moment. It could be Valentines day or some college fest or a planned holiday with your friends. Being alone when you want to share a special moment with your partner can turn even the best of moments into bitter memories.

5. Challenge to share little and big things with them.

Be it bitching about some friend or giggling over something funny or discussing how your job interview went, you cannot share such little or big things with your partner because of long distance relationship. Being unable to share things with your significant other can be both sad and frustrating.

6. No physical intimacy.

We all are sexual beings and sex is an important part of our lives. Being miles away from each other with no physical sex can really suck. The only way to make your long distance sex life satisfying is through sexting, sexual visualisations, Skype/phone sex or erotic letters. But what's really better than the real intimate physical sex?

7. The long waiting is painful.

Waiting to meet your partner after 6 months can be really painful and frustrating. The waiting makes you feel nervous and restless. You want to meet them but have to wait which sucks big time.

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