Sometimes we are too happy in a relationship that we are simply blind to the distress our partner goes through. But at times, the fights become too frequent. The arguments become too repetitive. And you just know that one more row and you might as well get out of it.

But most of the times, we are clueless. We desperately try to carry on with it as if nothing has happened while on the contrary, it seems to produce more damage.

How then, are we to know when everything is going in a relationship?

Today, we will be providing you with the tell-tale signs of how the relationship status goes from ‘Happy’ to ‘I don’t think I can stand it any longer’. Or you might find a nasty surprise waiting for you right around this corner of NEW YEAR’S.


1. THE FREQUENT FIGHTS: Of course, this is the first case. If you realize you are fighting almost every day, take a break. Stop right there and think on exactly WHAT you are arguing. If it seems foolish and silly, forget about it straight away. It is not worth toying with your relationship. Talk about something else for a change and when the anger subsides for real, casually bring in the reasons and calmly state your points and needs.

2. BEING JEALOUS UNNECESSARILY:  When she is getting jealous because of the most stupid things imaginable, you know you need to take a break. When he is getting all red in anger because you just mentioned a talk with another guy, you know it’s reckless to just continue talking.

3. GETTING ANGRY TOO QUICKLY:When we had just started as a couple, we never used to drive each other this crazy but now, it seems he is getting angry on every small little thing. I do not understand what to do or how to calm him down.’ You know something is wrong when he doesn’t save you every day but gets irritated by your tantrums rather than finding it adorable. Same goes for guys. When she shouts at you for the things that she never used to, you know something is on her mind and you are just getting punished for it.

4. THE OTHER PEOPLE: Does he mention that new girl too often that he just became friends with? Does she talk more and more about that guy she met yesterday night at that party? Don’t shake it off as ‘just saying that to make me more jealous’. If your partner does it more than often, they are losing their interest in the relation.

5. NOT FINDING TIME: When she doesn’t make time for you, when he doesn’t make time for you. Less talk and you might find the spark fading. It so invariably shakes the foundation when you miss out on one of the most fundamental rules of relationship: finding out time for EACH OTHER.


These are the major points. So look out for them and see if they indeed are true or not. If true, then CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. If not, HOPE FOR THE BETTER!

Happy Relation!


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