What not to do after a fight

Arguments and tiffs are an integral part of every relationship. Fights are healthy as they make a relationship stronger and keep that spark in the relationship alive. However, it is important to sort out differences and make up after a fight. But there are few things which you should avoid doing after a fight like -

Never fake a patch up, if you don't feel like it. Experts suggest never to attempt a fake patch up, since it is a sort of compromise that you tend to make with a situation faking make-ups instantly might look healthy, but can have long term side-effects since you need some time off to think about what went wrong. Secondly, do not hurry up to sort things out. Give your partner some cooling time, especially if the partner is short tempered. This will help sort out things easily and in a matured way. Always remember to sort out issues and not pick up an old issue and start a fight. Do not make the basic mistake of focusing about the things that triggered the fight, as this might add to further heated arguments, which is unhealthy for the relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make after an argument is stonewalling. DON'T give him/her the cold shoulder and ruin everything. Never say, "I didn't mean it" or "I'm sorry" if he/she is still hurt as it do not improve anything at all. Also, avoid making excuses for why you fought or focusing on reason of what caused the fight. Lastly, don't have makeup sex if you're not feeling it and kindly refuse your partner without hurting their feelings.

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