Virtual worlds are fantasy worlds so it seems glittery but you also has be to very cautious and not attracted by the fantasies.

Virtual love is virtual by definition, and therefore cannot be real. However, the term is probably a misnomer. Virtual love does not refer to ‘unreal love’ but rather love that develops in a virtual world...

The biggest concern is that people who are dating online have an easier time being deceptive.  It’s easy to fool someone if you are never face to face with them. Leading them on or scamming them is also more likely as they only know what you tell them or what they see via a possible Skype.  Relationships that don’t progress to an eventual meet up are not normal. Humans want to see the person they believe they love, they want to touch them, and they want to connect physically with them. In fact, resisting a meet up after months of talking daily would be a sign that there is something amiss with the person you met online. For example, problems with commitment, abandonment or fear of being vulnerable would stand out as likely with this group.

If you are online investing your time and your heart with someone who is taking advantage of you, you may end up losing more than a potential love. 

1. The scam experts recommend the following red flags. Taking caution is my best advice, and question oddities.

The online dater wants to call your personal pet names too soon. They begin calling you honey, baby, love; the list goes on and on. They encourage you to leave the dating or social network site you are currently on and communicate instant messaging or some other site.They send you too many photos too soon, using their child, their dog or other personal touches. They also want more photos of you (BE CAREFUL). They want your address immediately and back it up by saying they want to send you flowers or court you in an “old fashioned manner.”They give you numerous excuses of why they cannot meet you in person.Things always come up that need to be dealt with immediately. This is where they will begin needing money or some other assistance from you. They are slick about the timing with this and usually wait until you are “hooked.”If you are wise enough to catch them, they continue to lie by telling you that although they weren’t in love with you, through the process of getting to know you they have completely fallen in love with you.

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