Unheard orgasms that should definitely be tried!

Making a woman orgasm, for men, sometimes, is hard to achieve but whenever it is, you totally relieve yourself with the thought that it was all worth it, while women enjoy the mind-blowing experience they just received.

Keeping the vaginal and clitoral orgasms aside, there still are many other ways which can satisfy a woman in the same way (and sometimes with even extra pleasure) a normal orgasm does. So here are these fascinating orgasms and how to achieve them, which are definitely worth a try:

1. Dreamgasm

A total pleasurable experience while being a little complicated as well. You wouldn’t be able to exactly control these (make sure you are sleeping alone) as this orgasm wouldn’t need your full conscience to be worked as you have to be in a sleepy state first. For this you need to get on your bed in night with a full bladder while having all the sexy thoughts streaming in your mind and further closing your eyes. Now all you have to do is explore the wonderland while your body gets all the chills and spins you’ve wanted so bad!

2. Energygasm

This one is typically a Dreamgasm where you are actually controlling the stimulation that in turn drives you with blissful pleasurable experience. It is all about the pleasures a Dreamgasm would provide while putting you on the driver’s seat, which is an additional advantage. Certain group classes are out there that teach you how to achieve this, there you’ll be taught to free your inhibitions, how to let your body undulate, contracting your pelvic muscles which will ultimately allow you to moan in pleasure while the Energygasm takes the driver’s seat taking you away where all the pleasure lies.

3. Megagasm

Unlike both the other orgasms mentioned before, this one involves a vigorous physical stimulation because of which it is suggested that those who don’t have the spills to take it, shouldn’t try it as well. It is an incredibly intense orgasm which can be anal as well with a bit of pain and a body-shuddering pleasure.

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