We are always in search of good people in our life. Whether it be the one who is working for us or living with us. We always seek for perfection but the experience of life says that nobody is perfect. But in order to find good people in our life , we ourselves need to be a good, positive pure soul.

Friendship is one such thing which requires sacrifice and understanding. In order to maintain relations today all we need to have patience, understanding and a feeling of commitment to stay with the person. Small friendships are very easy to build but true friendships are difficult to build and maintain. We should have the potential in ourselves to judge true and fake relations. We should have courage to stand for our loved ones. A true friendship is the one which stays in good and even in bad times.

People make friends for different motives. Some make friends for their pleasure, some for convenience, some do this with a purpose and few are the one who make friends to maintain a true friendship. We all should know the real motive of the friends we make and realize the real relations.

It is true that whatever type of friends you make the real image of them and their care for you is only depicted in bad times and that’s the time when this precious relation shows its true face.

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