The One Thing Your Husband Really Wants From You {It’s Not What You Think!}

About a year ago I sent my husband a list of things that I thought that he might like to see me do around the house. I asked him to put the list according to priority, from greatest to least.

  • clean, ironed laundry
  • yummy meals including lunches
  • fresh, homemade bread for your sandwiches
  • keeping up with emails
  • thank you notes
  • outreach in the community
  • hospitality/having people over
  • making sure there are cookies or something yummy for you when you get home (including tea)
  • a clean, picked up house
  • I would rather have you put aside anything/everything you have to do in order to start each day with the assumption that I Love You.

Get enough rest and say no to enough activities so that you have the energy to be NICE TO ME (and the kids) when I’m home. Honestly, I appreciate the rest of it, but don’t really care that much if it comes at the expense of the first two things up at the top of the list. Maybe you think that I think you’re a bad wife or mom if you don’t do this stuff. If so, that is wrong. I would much rather have a messy house, make my own lunches from white, store-bought bread, have no snacks, etc., but have a nice, happy wife who likes me, than the other way around. So, to sum it all up, showing me you love me has more to do with WHO you are than what you do! It’s my best friend I fell in love with and want to hang out with, not my maid! You see, I was so busy doing things for my husband, trying to be the perfect wife, that I was getting it all wrong. I was so tired and stressed that I was snappy, unkind, and impatient. And the only thing my dear husband wanted was a girlfriend! Am I saying that it’s wrong to do things for your husband or family? Of course not! But I am saying to think about keeping being kind as the TOP priority. The One Thing Your Husband Really Wants From You. And it's not what you think... If you need encouragement and inspiration for your marriage today, read this and be blessed! I have learned my lesson. I have stepped back in many areas in my life in order to have margin and rest, so that I am not over-stressed and my husband {mostly} has a kind, gentle, loving wife. How about you? Do you struggle with the stress of getting everything done? Can I challenge you to put aside some things that might be good in order that you might be able to ensure that you are a kind, fun, loving wife?

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