Toxic Relationship

Healthy relationship is what we dream of, and we try to be in it but do you actually know about your relationship status? No! , I am not talking about engaged or complicated status of relationship, I am talking about a toxic vs healthy relationship status.

You know that your relationship is no more healthy or happy, once you stop being happy. Everything is fair in love and war until it gives you positive result otherwise it is no more a fair game. There are many sign you see when your relationship heads towards being toxic or abusive. Everything and anything you do upset him or her, than it is wise to conclude that his or her problem is you. You can talk together to sort these negatives out but not beyond a point. Wishing your partner morning and nights can lead to growth in love but if it is not growing further than it is just a morning and night attendance. In a real relationship no one is right or wrong, both the parties are equally responsible but if one starts being supreme or starts feeling useless than relationship becomes abusive/toxic. Waking up your partner with bed tea and a kiss like in movies is not a bad idea at all rather being busy in the morning. Spending 15 min in the morning can be refreshing for both if u live those 15 min but these 15 min get depressive in case when you show no interest in him/her or vice versa. There is a lot of effort we put because the pain in a relationship is less intimidating than the pain of letting him/her go because we love them at any cost. Many relationships survive for long or till the life with these efforts but again let me remind you that a toxic relationship stands nowhere.

Passive aggression is like a slow poison so if you are not comfortable being direct than you have already lost the grass root of your relationship. It is natural and okay to get upset and argue but without understanding the reason and without the exchange of communication, it gets more upsetting and gives you no result. Negativity eats you mentally, physically and emotionally but with a right person, you start building confidence. Suppose he/she is the reason for you being negative than it is better to move ahead for good in your life. Avoidance is one in the list of forbidden. If you cannot even tolerate his presence than say it directly, avoidance will make it only complicated. There are many more things we can discuss which make it toxic relationship. Change is the only constant but a positive change. If both of you are going through positive evolution than go in same direction. Most people notice a change in themselves with the time in their relationship and this change is worth if it makes your relationship any better, otherwise it is a next step towards your toxic relationship. See what your relation is giving you. Work on the questions like – Are you actually happy?, Are you comfortable? Alternatively, do you want to stay in this relationship any longer? Does your partner Value you? And many more. Do not create an emotionally and mentally challenging Jail for you. Quit it if it is toxic/abusive and stay happy.

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