Stop weeping and pick up your tiara, Princess.

We all find ourselves in situations where we feel helpless and devastated. Post-breakups, post-fights, and all mood distorting experiences that put us so low that it is very hard to think apart from our clouded heads. But note this point, it is 'tough', not 'impossible'.

Ofcourse, everyone becomes a pessimist about themselves on various occasions, but ask yourself once, 'Is it really worth putting yourself down?'. You are supposed to be the last person who would put yourself down, no matter how many people have done you the favour already.


You had a breakup, fine, it's a bad phase and real tough nights are going to pass by. But, it's going to pass, not stay. You need to know that there are various phases ahead and so much life you need to see, experience and live. The person who so willingly let you go, do you think he's going to be affected when he hears you doing something bad to yourself? Do you think it would be more than anything to him rather than talking to various people about it? He's probably going to make a gossip out of it to make himself look very 'influential' in your life that you just fell for him so much, and that's it! That's it. He will forget about the gossip eventually, the same way he forgot about you, and so will all his anonymous friends. 

But your family? Your close friends? What about them? What will your mom go through when she would look at your dismantled body when you jump from the balcony or how devastated your parents would be when they would wait outside the ICU where doctors are frantically trying to save you, for you cut your wrists for the boy who doesn't even care. You didn't die, no. You became a haunting memory for your loved ones to weep and suffer in pain. How do you expect any parent to die content when they have seen their own child dying an untimely death, for some reason they were not even aware of.

Let's rewind a bit. When he broke up with you, despite your desperate tries. Did he listen? Did he even flinch when he heard you cry with pain? No, right? See, a person who doesn't want to care for you while you live. He is absolutely, in no way, going to care about you when you die, even as a memory. While you? Are a lot more worthy than this. Because, I'm telling you, you are. There is no other way from this. Every person in this world deserves someone who cares for them, who loves them genuinely. And we all get, we all have them around us already but as a very common human psychological fact, we do not realize it.

I have this one favourite quote from a movie called "Perks of being a Wallflower". In the movie, the character asks his father the same question we all ask ourselves - Why do good people get the bad guys and ignore the good people around them? ( Us probably being in such a situation ). To which his dad says : " We accept the love we think we deserve" And this is it. This is the answer to many of our life relevant questions. Why did you date the wrong guy? Why do you keep getting the wrong people? Darling, it's because you thought it was enough. And the main reason it broke is because it wasn't. It was never enough, it was much lower than your standards and thinking. It was you putting your self-esteem so low that you could never grow in the relationship. A healthy relationship helps each other grow for better, not for someone to keep all their desires aside just to be with the other person.

It hurts because you gave up so much of you, he never gave anything of him, and let you drown with his insatiable need to put you down. It hurts because you stopped seeing life outside the relationship while he never compromised on anything before and after you. You both loved the same person, you loved him and he loved himself. He put himself on top, and hence, he could easily breakaway from you. While you were jeopardized with the thought of him not being there, he went on and replaced you. If he can think of himself, then why can't you? Why do you think you need him when you got other people willing to hold you?

So, for once. Believe that you deserve better, know that you will get better. Be yourself and carry your compassion to share with people who care, who understand and are willing to share their compassion with you. Stop weeping and pick up your tiara, princess. You don't need a prince to rescue you, you are worth more than the suffering and await of the victim in all our cliché fairy tales.

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