On the eve of teachers day I remember making hand- made cards, dipping fresh flowers in water at night so that they remain fresh until morning, writing cheesy lines for my teachers and buying gifts for those special ones. The day is much awaited by the students and as well as teachers who get their worth realised by their students.

But it was after completing my school, a sudden realisation dawned upon me. In these so many years I missed to thank a teacher who promised to take my side through thick and thin, who forgot all my little lies, who taught me to live life, who was a reason to my success and fighter for my failure.

One who helped me making those cards for school teachers with a smile too big to hide her desire for a gift or a card too. Probably the desire was never too dominant to have expectations or complaints for her love for enduring and forever to remain.  She is none other than my mother whom I thank for making me a better person today.

Each and every one of you had a teacher in your life whom you probably never wished or thanked for making your personality and grooming your charisma.  Let this teachers day be a tribute to that one teacher of your life, your mom.

On this occasion of teacher’s day i would like dedicate this poem to all mothers who were our first teacher. You taught me how to be me You were always there to see You woke up late till night Making me learn the lessons right You made it when I didn’t get a line And taught me until I gave a fine sign You were more nervous than I was for results For you wanted to flaunt my success and bear the brunt of my failure You made me a better person Not letting my mistakes get worsen Here i wish you a happy teachers day mom Thank you for being there always When they turned their backs you were right there to guide all my acts!

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