Secret Mantras for Happy Relationship!!!

Life would become so easy, if you live in a 'Happy Environment' forever, and happy environment will come from happiness in your relations.!


And so to change mood of everything into happiness, we share the two most important Mantras to you:


No expectations from the other person- Expectations kills every relation, its not just in a love relation but a friendship, parent-child relation or any other such relation. There has to be no place for expectations, since these only makes the other person's efforts fruitless! You are calling for more instead of appreciating what you have already got.

       So "Stop expecting just start delivering...!"


Another mantra says "Develop Better Understanding"- Sometimes it requires you to move your understanding beyond theirs! and it goes for a professional relation too..This will simply result in less arguments and more peaceful equation.!!

The above two secrets will definitely work in your favour completely!!

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