School Friends OR College Friends?

Isn’t really a tough question right? School friends are the best of all. They are major part of our childhood, which makes them even more special. They have seen us at our complete best and our extreme worst, yet they love us with all their heart. We all are more bonded to our school friends closer than we are to our college friends. Though we don’t talk to them much but we know deep in our heart that whenever we will catch up later, things will be same.
Well reasons are pretty simple, let’s have a look.

1. We Have Grown Up Together

With time, friendship grows stronger and better. Friendship is like a wine, the older it gets the better it tastes. We have spent a really long time together which has deepened the bond we share. From nursery to high school or intermediate, they have been a part of our growth.

2. No Rivalries

Back then, we used to have healthy competitions. There was no rivalry amongst our gang of friends. We would fight for 1 or 2 marks but even then if our friend would have topped, that made us equally happy.

3. Secret Holder

We all wanted to become a Millionaire, Businessman, Pilot or maybe a Fashion designer. Don’t deny, we did want it when we were 6. It was a big dream for us then. Can we confess it in front of your college friends? No, but our school friends knew it, were even proud of our dreams too. There lies the difference.

4. No Fear of Being Judged

From kids to adolescents and then to teenagers, they have seen us, our fears, our dreams, our lows, highs everything. We know they will never judge us no matter what. And this is a blessing nowadays to not be around judgmental people.

5. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

We learnt it in school, have written essays on this too but understood it in true sense when the school life got over. When we met new people, in the big world outside, we realized not everyone you meet is a friend and nobody helps you without expecting anything in return and then we realize, our true friends were those who always used to stand beside us in every situation.

Not every college friend is bad or selfish, one might get a best friend in college life too but there is something about school friend, our chuddy-buddies that makes them better. Pick up your phone, text them or call them, to tell them they are important part of you, your life and will always be.

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