Reasons why women date a gentleman

The word Gentleman originated from Knighthood particularly among the English. It was said that in order to become a gentleman there are no tricks or well built laws. The only way was to act like a Gentleman. The great Chinese Philosopher Confucius stated, that in order for one to become a gentleman, it was not necessary that he should be rich or from an elite class. In contrast, a real gentleman is one who takes the choice of behaving according to the proper ways of a society. To check whether you are a gentleman or not, you can use the measuring points given below:

1. A gentleman makes you feel heard

The one quality that makes a man a gentleman is that he listens. Most guys just know to run their mouth and talk and talk. A good listener means that she feels understood and she can share her thoughts and feelings with him even though he cannot clearly understand.

2. A gentleman makes you feel respected.

Showing respect is another quality of the gentleman. Nowadays in the age of technology most guys see woman with the eyes of objects rather than beings with feelings. When a man shows the side of respect, it is greatly appreciated. They always respect with a humble air.

3. A gentleman makes you feel supported

A gentleman is highly supportive and provides strong encouragement to others. During a date or so, they may ask “ Would you mind if I ask you about your dreams in life or something similar?” Rather than judging you, they will uplift you and may even provide some clear ways to achieve your dreams.

4. A gentleman makes one feel special.

A gentleman makes their woman feel special. Most of us want to feel special and especially woman. A gentleman bestows gifts and does cute things which makes every moment feel special and memorable. A gentleman knows how to make someone feel special.

5. A gentleman makes you feel protected

A gentleman is like a shield that protects their loved ones. Thus, if a man makes someone feel secured then they will be very welcome. It may be emotional or physical security.

6. A gentleman always appreciates your honesty

Dishonesty is repulsive to the gentleman. They are honest and they never lie to their woman. Although a word or two may make them feel bad, they never hide it and they appreciate the honestly with which you told them.

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