We all have numerous friends in our life and come across so many people. Some come for a short span and then leave and some remain for long. But it is very difficult today to maintain a true friendship. People today are filled with anxiety, ego and attitude which never let them accept their mistakes and the words they have spoken. Nowadays for a person his/her image is the topmost concern and that is the only reason where people don’t want to accept their mistakes and the relations begin to become sore.

Whenever you do wrong or have a doubt that might be your actions or words have hurt the other person there is no harm to go and apologize or console. This wont make you  inferior or spoil your image but help you to maintain your friendship. Whenever you get hurt do express your feelings so that you don’t get stuck in your own thoughts and develop a negativity inside yourself.

I may suggest a hundred ways to keep a person happy and satisfied but what is of utmost Importance is that we need to; learn about the person we are living with and understand him to maintain a long lasting friendship. We need to express our thoughts as well to understand the other’s feelings towards us and cooperate. Only then we would be able to live a happy friendship.

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