Is your partner in depression?? Here is what you should know ...

Depression is the most “Unexpressive” emotion or mental condition that most of the people are suffering through. Depression makes an individual lose interest in his/her day to day life, it makes people unhappy from inside, people forget to smile often or even if they do they lose the knowledge about what basically internal happiness means, they would get cranky or disturbed even on the smallest of the things, they learn to keep things inside which disturbs them even more, they cry a lot with or without your knowledge, mood swings are a common thing with the people in depression etc. these are some of the things that depressed people have to deal with in their daily lives but as it is said “Love” is the best medicine for any emotional ailment so a “Partner” plays an important role to helping people with depression as the one who loves you penetrates inside you to pull of the things from your heart which disturb you and make you unhappy.

Here’s a small guide to help your partner if they are suffering through depression and these are definitely worth taking a note of:

  • Try to understand your partner. Don’t listen to their words; understand the meaning behind what they say. As depression makes them unexpressive they might sound different then what they actually want to say so give them time to speak and try to understand.
  • Give them time. If your partner is feeling low with or without a reason then go and give them a warm hug ensuring that no matter what you’ll always be there and never judge them.
  • Don’t react loudly or irritably if your partner is troubled, yelling or going out of control. Be calm and composed and let them take out their frustration. Ask them the reason of their trouble once they calm down.
  • People with depression need time from their loved ones so that they can express themselves without thinking even for once. Be with them and make sure you notice their mood and behavior because if you are really in love then their behavior or mood will automatically show you that they are not happy.
  • Give them flowers of small things that they like for example ticket of a new movie for you two, chocolates, dinner, an outing or anything which you know would make them happy.
  • Don’t try to explain things and situations to them at that particular moment because at that time they lose their tendency to understand just let them talk what they want to and then say what you feel like saying.
  • Comfort them when they are on the peak of depression as it’s you who they need to make them feel secure and safe emotionally.
  • Cuddle a lot with them because a touch of love is something that has the power to make anyone comfortable at the heights.
  • Never ever leave them alone and even if you have to make sure to drop them a quick message or a phone call to know about how they are doing, if they need anything etc.
  • Drop them an sms of chat message saying “I Love You” because that is worth a million dollars for a person suffering from depression as they would know without a doubt that even when you are busy, you think about them and hence, are assuring them that you love them.
  • Be patient. Patience is something that is the most needed thing if your partner is in depression. At times they may get aggressive, irritable or not talk to you without reason. Just don’t lose your cool and give them some time alone.


If you won’t care about your partner in depression then who else will? 

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