Is There A Women Behind Every Man’s Success?

The idea that there is a girl behind every man's success is a major topic of contradiction in our society. But first we have to understand what success means to a man. Success to a man may mean different things: it may mean monetary or financial success, career success, family success or as simple as having a good physique may also refer to success. But each type of success has been linked to a particular individual: a woman. A woman drives us to do many crazy things but they also helps us in achieving our goals and becoming successful. The right kind of woman would keep you motivated.


Choosing the right kind of a woman is very important in this aspect. Of course the right woman would make you a better person but the wrong woman also has the power to make you far less good than before. One of the ways in which a girl may help in a man’s success is by providing strong support. She can help you in dealing with problems and various issues which are tormenting you. She also provides emotional support. You can open up to her about your problems and she won’t get mad at you. Moreover a girl also feeds a man's self confidence during tough times. People generally avoid taking risks. But a great women would make you take those necessary risks that are required for being successful. All of us need stability. If our personal lives are messy and disordered, our professional lives will also be very much the same. A girlfriend or a spouse who cares for you will give you the required motivation and confidence to take the risks and challenges. Every venture will involve risks. A great loving partner will push your to higher and if you fall she will be there to catch you.


Although, a man might have all the money in the world that he needs but if he doesn’t have anyone to share that success with, he won't feel that he has been successful enough in the eyes of others. A girl allows him to prioritize his needs and provides him a basis where he can share and love. On the greater scheme of things a man is nothing without a woman. He will feel lonely, get dejected and may lose his sense of self esteem in the world. A spouse will help you realise what is more important in life. The billionaire Bill Gates said that his wife played an important role in the rise in his career. Together they founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which donates nearly $29 billion each year for global health and education. A successful man can work and earn as much as he wants, but all that will matter in his life will be family, friends and most importantly his wife. Therefore, a man's success is nothing but a woman’s love.

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