Finally the answer to "Why People Break-Up so easily?" these days is found

Getting into a relationship is easy but coping up with it is very different. How many of your friends around you have broken atleast twice from a relation? How many of the people do you see cheating on their partners? How many of the people around you are loyal for their partners? Well, these questions will show you the most practical situation of Relationships these days.

Have you ever wondered why does this happen? Why do people cheat? Why can’t they stay together for long? Why do they lie? Why do couples get bored of each other way too soon? That’s only because of Choice! Choices have increased at an enormous height these days because people don’t like giving chances and understanding. Have you seen your grandparents? Do they talk a lot with each each? Do they cuddle? No, but they are dead-sure about the loyalty they hold for each other because the world back then moved a bit slow and steady. These days everyone is in a hurry, for example- if your job is troubling you by giving you more work than before then you would want to change your job but you won’t try to put more effort than you do. Look everyone has a reason and expectation doesn’t make any rule so some of you might change their jobs because of a better stipend or something but I am talking it out in a general way. People in relationships fight, drift apart and move on. Is this all? Is this all a relationship is about? Patience, Understanding, Adjusting, Adapting and Respect is something like a “Lubricant to a Machine” without which the machine (relationship) would never work properly.

People, there might be many more girls better than your girl and many more guys better than your guy but all you have to see is that “Who is Perfect for you”. I know it’s not easy and does need time so what the problem? Give time and take time. Don’t ever come into a relationship just because you feel “love” because your heart takes a long time to confess it to you that it’s in LOVE. Holding on is another great thing in a relationship. Never leave someone who you think actually has a selfless love for you and patience is the key to a healthy relationship. It’s simple. Have a problem? Talk it out! Had a fight? Sort it out! Have a doubt? Ask it out! Don’t want to be with someone? Tell it to them rather than cheating! isn’t it easy? A lot of choice for humans or I should better say replacement options for humans are leading to heartbreaks and break-ups. Only you can save your relationship, not your friend who you are discussing these issues with. Yes, you can take suggestion but the final decission is in your hands. Don’t look at the choices, if you are really in love then start polishing, ammending and appreciating what you have rather than hoping because at one point of time relationships and feelings loss it’s value!  

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