Does your partner gets angry on you?? Here is the answer to your question. Read more!

Being in love and being Loved at the same time with and by the same person respectively is the best thing that can ever happen to you. But the problem with people is that they get habitual of a kind of nature their partner has. Your partner may be too loving, caring, inexpressive, jealous, possessive or stubborn we all get used to it and at one point of time we don’t even pay attention to all this as it becomes a daily chore and that’s when the relationship’s base starts shaking up and one day you two may drift apart. Breaking up in a relationship happens when you start getting bored of each other, tiered of each other, disinterested or have found someone “better”.

What I know is that there is always a better girl than your girl and always a better guy than your guy; you just have to see who is perfect for you in the most imperfect manner. These days many of us might be having problems with our partner’s anger on the pettiest things and we at one point of time think that they have a “Nature Like That” but No, that’s not true! At times you partner might be just screaming from help from the inside and you wouldn’t even come to know about it. That’s when you indirectly break your partner from the inside and they start drifting away from you as then you are indirectly breaking the expectations your partner has for you and that’s normal. Expecting from you partner is normal as this comes in-hand with feelings.

If your partner is having serious anger management problems, gets angry and aggressive at the smallest mistake of yours, has a lot of mood swings or get hyper quickly then you must know these things and help them out as no one in the world can do that for them:

  • Your Partner May Be Troubled: Your partner definitely has something going on their mind which is making them uneasy enough to react on the smallest of the mistakes you do. Talk to them and try to ease them out so that they talk to you about their trouble without giving it a second thought.

  • Your Partner Is Tensed: There is definitely a big bulk of tension going on in their mind which makes them to over-think about the same and deliver emotions like Crying, Keeping Quiet or getting Angry. In that case you must observe your partner carefully that on what type of situation does a reaction like that comes and tries figuring out the solution for it.

  • Your Partner Might Be Depressed: You never really come to know when depression strikes your loved ones making them shattered from the inside. They also might not come to know about it as they become too numb to feel anything at all. If your partner is actually depressed then make sure you give them all the love and care that they need because a situation like that is really very disturbing.

  • They Might Be Hurt: Your partner might be hurt if they are reacting like that. There must be something you or someone else did that has deeply disturbed them and hence, they are not able to express it properly and instead start getting angry. If you feel like then then again, talk it out with your partner and apologize if you are at fault without arguing because your ego isn’t bigger than your love. Is it?

  • Your Partner Might Be having Anger Management Problem: Anger Management problem at one level can be treated with love and affection but sometimes it gets over-board enough to consult a doctor. Take them to a doctor and make sure they are comfortable enough to talk about their trouble with the doctor. Give them alone time with the doctor so that they don’t hesitate to talk in front of you. They might feel awkward in front of you because then the fear of “Your Judging Them” gobbles up their mind.

When two people decide to be together by committing their togetherness to each-other, then their flaws, troubles, problems and happiness all of it has to be accepted by you in the most truthful way. 

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