An Open Letter to the Brokenhearted Girl

Dear whoever you are,

I am going to be flat here; I am going to be blunt. That your heart is crushed beyond recognition is not his fault alone. You probably gave him chances that he neither asked for nor deserved. You probably excused every single one of his lousy actions because ‘after all I love him’. So, no, I don’t think he alone bullshitted you. Pardon my language, but focus on the sentiment. The sentiment is simple here. You screwed up too.

And you know what? It’s completely okay!

There is only pride and no shame, whatsoever, in having loved. So, walk tall. Now that you are aware of just how much damage your heart has endured, learn from it. I won’t tell you to love yourself. Because, let’s face it, why would you love yourself right now, in this state, when it hurts to look into the mirror? But can you please just respect your struggles? Can you please just appreciate your growth? Will you please see what I see?

You need work, alright? YOU need work – everything from your self-esteem to your CV to your grades to your friendships and family. Work relentlessly on yourself and become worthy of the love you invested in him. He didn’t deserve it, right? And you deserve better? Here’s the deal, hon. You have to literally design what you deserve. You have to die and be born again. You have to do a lot. You will need a lot of time. And I get it. I’ve been there. I’m there. And I’ll be right alongside you, I promise.

We can get through this stronger than ever. We will be the best ever versions of ourselves. We are not sorry for ourselves. If anything, he will be sorry. And along with the rest of the world, we will dazzle the living daylights out of him too.

You go, girl,



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