Signs you are surrounded by good friends!

They say that your network equals your net worth. Another crucial factor to your net worth is the team you surround yourself with. Life is full of surprises and things will not always go the way you want them to, so it is imperative that you surround yourself with talented, motivated and honest individuals. This will help bring the best out in all of you and eventually keep you guys moving in the right direction.

Here are signs that you are surrounded by good friends who care about you and not just what you can do for them!

1. Your friends care about you.

Good friends take the time to ask about your life, your interests, and your opinions. They also take the time to be there when you need them, and want to help you be the best person you can be.

2. You always hear the truth from them.

When the chips are down and you really need to be told the truth, your friends may hate it, but they’ll do it.

3. Your friends know when to leave you alone.

Sometimes you just want (or need) to be left alone. Work assignments, homework, or relationship woes can all leave you feeling like you just need a little downtime to work out your situation. A good friend understands and respects this.

4. Your friends celebrate your victories and stands with you in hard times.

A good friend will congratulate you on your accomplishments and always there with you in hard times.

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