Yummy !!! Mouth Watering Dishes Of Dubai To Be Tasted If At all Visited

Dubai is all set to carve you with the tastes if you are planning for a trip to Dubai.The combinational Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food will leave you no where to just lick your fingers.

 Let's check some of these dishes which growls your stomach with hunger.

1. Lahem Bl Ajin

Better to be called as an Arabic Pizza with amazing Lebanese bread slices over which you find a spicy ground meat topping. A yummy food to be obviously tasted in Dubai.

2. Taboon Bread

A famous old Palestinian bread, served with the mouth watering tastes of olive oil and thyme where it is also sold as a street food with the local hummus and falafel food stuffing.

3. Luqaimat

A melting desert found during the month of Ramadan which just melts with your ummmm.. Luqaimat are small deeply fried dumplings of ingredients like floor, milk,sugar,butter and cardamom.

4. Knafeh

The queen of the Arabic desserts is here. It's called "Knafeh". A sticky pastry made of sweet cheese with the rose-scented syrup and chopped pistachios sprinkled. Don't ever dare to miss this pastry Arabic dessert in Dubai.

5. Shish Tawook

A traditional kabab of Dubai which is almost at present in all the menu cards of the restaurants there. People like it with heavy interest to eat when sandwiched in the bread. This kabab is usually tried with special flavor of Labenese garlic and fries.

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