When I said Yes....to trekking !!

Trekking or Mountaineering as we call it is not easy for everyone. Not everybody is inclined towards learning it or doing it and I was one of them until the NIM planned to put up a training/learning camp for girls at our school in Dehradun. My first reaction to that news was "no dude! I am not the one who is doing that" as nobody ever in my family had ever done hiking or trekking so even I wasn’t interested. 
But thanks to my classmate and best friend who insisted that we together should atleast give it a try. So, after a lot of apprehension I had to agree because of her.
On the first day we were asked to reach at 5 am and were told to do some jogging and warm up exercises. Dehradun has lot of slopes and small streams in the army cantt. area so we had to run on slopes, downhills and so on. It was a bit tiring for me as I had never got up so early to exercise but as we were doing it, I started to enjoy it. Running through greenery and a fresh atmosphere gave me a new high and I was loving it.

The second day was all about introduction, talks about mountains and mountaineering after which we were shown a movie about mountaineering which was a treat for all the 10 girls.

After a few days of theoretical training there was a whole set up done in our school grounds where ropes were put on high walls, some obstacles were created for us. We were taught how to climb like monkeys which was way too exciting, the instructor asked us to run through those obstacles and told us the correct ways of crossing them fast. We learned a lot during the practical training.

As the days approached where the training was coming to an end we all were feeling low but what brought our excitement up was the news of camping in the school at night. 

The last day of our training and we were told to reach school at 7:00 pm sharp. Our instructor was already waiting for us, we were told how to pitch our tents which was a whole new experience for each one of us. After that we had some water and biscuits. Then the instructor enlightened us all with some real life trekking experiences of his which were really exciting. We did some fun activities after which a light dinner followed by the time to doze off.
Those 10 days of training gave me  lifetime memories and learning which will stay with me forever. I want to thank our instructor it was because of him that all of us learned so much to cherish and be proud of. 


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