Best Packer Ever! How to Pack?

Going somewhere? The love for travelling is driving you? Well, all of us love to go on trips but unfortunately before actually managing to reach the destination there are a few other steps which we need to cover, one of the most essential one is ‘Packing’ and not many are good at it. I mean just remember how many times after reaching the desired place you found out that you are over packed or you have missed on important items. Recall the ear piercing scream of, ‘why won’t it fit?’ or ‘ughhh, now I have to sit on it’. Yes! You are guessing it right, today I will be giving out some tips on ways of packing a suitcase efficiently.

1. Choose the Right Kind

So first and foremost, you will have to choose the bag or suitcase you need for your trip. Different kinds have ways to pack, putting things in a duffel will have to follow the order of ‘what I need most on the top’ as it doesn’t fully open like a suitcase. A duffel is preferred for small trips where you need to move a lot or camping trips. Similarly there are other types of bags.

2. Make a List

Always make a list of the things you need, the number of clothes you need, exact figures of shirts, skirts, jeans, slacks and even underwear and socks. Make sure you have a fresh pair of underwear every day. The number of jeans or slacks can be two if you are going for a five day trip, the number of shirts or tops should be more than three. You can use the same set of clothes for arrival and return. There must be a separate list for toiletries.

3. Needs of the Place

Do check the weather before leaving, you don’t want to pack the wrong set of clothes. If you are going to a camping trip then your bag should contain clothes which will enable you to walk freely, there must be a pair of hiking shoes. Different set of clothes are needed for beach vacations, also there is a need of umbrella and sun blocs. In general take some clothes which are multi -purpose, for example a little black dress if worn with shrug or cardigan becomes casual , paring it with blazer makes it formal and only that is a party dress. Try and carry a neutral pair of shoes, a chunky heel is necessary and sneakers too.

4. Creating Space

Materials like cotton and wool don’t get creases so clothes made with them can be rolled. But other fabrics must be folded, it takes up much space so try and keep them in a side manner like the arrangement of files, it takes up less space. Use small empty bottles for shampoos, oils or conditioners or lotions, this way you can carry small amounts according to the trip’s need. Make a separate bag for toiletries and keep them on top most pile, the most -heavy ones goes below, then the lighter ones. Fragile items must be kept on top of heavy and below light things to avoid breakage. You can use space saver bags for compressing huge items like blanket, roll the bag once to make it vacuum free. Socks can be kept inside shoes and the small left over spaces can be filled with underwear.

Above are few of the ways which may help you, you are free to experiment with other methods too. Till then, happy packing.

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