A Rotating And Shape Shifting Skyscraper All Set For Dubai.

A rotating skyscraper is all set for Dubai which is already home to many man made winders, by the year 2020 according to the architectural firm named the Dynamic Group.

The 80-storey rotating skyscraper which will be known as the Dynamic Tower will be the world’s first skyscraper that will be made up of separate rotating floors and those will be attached to a central column.

If you are still wondering what a rotating skyscraper actually is then trust me on this it will be very much as the name suggests.

Another WOW ! fact is that the residents of the Dynamic Tower will be able to control the rotation speed as well as the direction of their individual luxury apartment. So if you want to catch a bit of afternoon sun the turn to left 90 degrees and if you are in a mood to mess around with the window cleaner then start the rotation at max speed. The price of an individual apartment is reported to be anything between $4 million to $40 million.
This project was planned in the year 2008 is the brain child of architect David Fisher before it was put on hold, the project is now rekindled and proudly projected to be 420m tall when its fully complete, that will make it the third tallest building in Dubai, after the famous Burj Khalifa (828m) and Marina which stands tall at 101 (432m).
The rotating tower or the Dynamic Tower will also generate its own energy with the help of the 79 wind turbines that will be placed between each floor as well as the energy and environment friendly solar panelling that will coat both the roof of the building as well as the roof of each level.

The world’s first prefabricated skyscraper or the Dynamic Tower says Fisher that up to 90 percent of the tower when we exclude the central column, could be built in a factory and then further it can be shipped to the construction site.

 Each apartment will be fitted to the central column done piece by piece which will not only decrease the cost of the project along with the amount of workers needed but it will also allow the tower to be built up to 30 percent quicker than a skyscraper of a similar size.

The much anticipated project is expected to cost Dhs1,212,007,500  that is over a whopping 1.2 billion. The tower will be definitely a thing of beauty as well as amazement.

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