5 Trekking tips for Beginners

If you guys are truly the mountain lovers, an adventure geek and are willing to go for the trekking and camping in the Himalayas for the first time, then here are some tips that you must need during the trekking. These tips are for the beginners and would help them a lot. The time when I went for the trek for the first time this tips helped me a lot. The best time to go for the trek in the Himalayas is from April to June. During these months the winter is gone and its the beginning of the summer and the best time to see the beauty of mountains covered with snow as well as greenery is there so it creates the mesmerizing view of nature and the mountains. Even I loved it a lot. The beauty of nature always surprises us in its own way that even we can't imagine it.
So here, are some tips if you are going for the trek for the very first time.

1. Go for the easy one

If you are going for the trek for the first time then, you should go for the easy trek. As you have not experienced it yet it is the best thing that goes for the easy trek which includes walking of 5-7 km daily. You can go for the Dayara Bugyal, Hampta Pass, Kedar Kantha Trek and much more are there for which you can go and experience your first most memorable trek.

2. Make sure about your fitness

As you are going for the first time go for the medical check-up before you go, As we go on the higher altitudes our body starts reacting due to the low percentage of oxygen in the air. Due to this, our body suffers from cold, fever, knee pain, sleeplessness, stomach upset etc. So it's better to go for the checkup first and then go for the trek. Also before going on the trek and preparing for it prepare your body first. As we know trekking includes walking of 5-7 km per day so, guys you need to start walking before the month of the trek so that you can get it into your routine and it also helps you to reduce your knee pain and legs pain during the trek. Walking makes it easier.

3. Research it properly

It is the most important thing which should be done first. You should first research about the place properly, how many days required to complete the trek what are the stages of trek whether the trek is on plain landscape or on the blunders or riverside etc. This research can help you to practice the things and make the trek easier for you. Also, research about the budget and compare it with your budget so that you can get the best at low cost.

4. Prepare schedule

It is good if you already prepare the schedule of your trek like in one day how many kilometers can you walk and at what location your base camp will be located and on another day at what location your camp will be located and so what will be your routine should be decided first.

5. List trekking essential

It obvious thing that if you are going for the first time you will be confused about the things that you need to carry and what will be needed sometimes you carry the unnecessary things too.So here are some things that are essential during your trek journey: 1)First aid supplies 2)Extra clothing 3)Small packets of Nuts 4)small Water bottle 5)Candles, Lighter, Torch. 6)Sunglasses and Sunscreen 7)Knife or Cutter 8)Raincoat, Thermal according to climate 9)Walking stick 10)Rope

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