What’s in a Nickname?

A Person usually has a quality, gesture, or ability that is unique to him/her. It gives the person individuality, and consequently a nickname!!

A city has its uniqueness too, and so it earns its own nickname. Quite a few Indian cities are better known by their nicknames—let’s read their stories…

1. Bengaluru--

Much of it can be attributed to the several gardens that are spread across the city. It is often said that Bengaluru is a paradise for pensioners, because the “Garden City”! helps them settle into a comfortable life post retirement.

2. Kolkata-

Is characterized by a sense of vibrancy. Festivals of different religions are celebrated with equal pomp publicly; there is never a dull moment in the city. It is the fighting spirit that French Author Dominique Lapierre noticed in the city and named it as “City of Joy”!!

3. Kochi--

It looks like a tiny spot on the map, but ‘Kochi’ has a historic past. The wealth of this port city has lent richness to its heritage-hence it is the “Queen Of The Arabian Sea”!!

4. Srinagar—

How would you feel if you enter a city and discover that it is filled with lakes? It sound magical to be true ”City Of Lakes” .

5. Jaipur—

City having its buildings pink in color and so is “Pink City”.

6. Mysore--

Speaking of royalty, it is impossible not to mention ‘Mysore’ (now renamed as Mysuru). So, originally it is “City of Palaces”.

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