Top 8 world festivals for 2016

1. Rio carnival in Brazil: 5th-10th February 2016

The city of Rio De Janeiro hosts the world's greatest street party. A spectacular events cross 5 days, the Streets are lit up and filled with revellers in extravagant fancy dress. When you'll arrive there, you will receive a warm welcome from the Brazilians who are proud to share with you world's best party. The highlight of the weekend is the sambadrome, a spectacular parade of 100s of marvelous floats travelling down the Streets, flanked by dancers in glitter- covered costumes.

2. Holi festival in India: 23rd march 2016

A festival of colour, the streets are transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours on the day of holi. The evening before, large bonfires are lit to burn away evil spirits in a ritual known as holika dahan. A carefree festival, people spread coloured powder over each others' faces, stand under showers of coloured water and dance around water sprinklers.

3. Cherry blossom festival in Japan: April 2016

One of the most traditional and beautiful sights of Japan is the blooming of cherry blossom. Also Know as Sakura, this iconic event is eagerly anticipated not just for its beauty but it also signals the end of winter and is a symbol of hope and renewal. Hanami is the traditional custom of enjoying the flowers, with people spending time in parks, gardens and Riversides to enjoy the picturesque settings covered in a gorgeous soft pink hue in the fresh spring weather.

4. Night at the museum in ST. Petersburg: 21st may 2016

On the 21st of may, like an annual tradition, the city's most admired and beloved museums of the city stay open all night from 9 pm till 6 am of the following morning. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sights of the museums with a lack of crowd, visiting the planetarium, the geological museum, the gallery of modern art and ST. Isaac's cathedral. Ti celebrate this event, there are special exhibitions and street art performances.

5. Full moon festival in Vietnam: 14tg September

Travel to the charming and graceful Vietnam town of Hoi An for the full moon festival which takes place on the 14th day of each lunar month. People pay homage to their ancestors with alters full of flowers, candles and incense as offerings for good luck and prosperity. People switch off the electrical lights and close the roads to motorised traffic, plunging the streets into darkness and silence to experience the beauty of the flickering candlelights and glow of the multi- colored lanterns.

6. Diwali festival of India: 30th October - 3rd November

The large and brightest celebration in the hindu calendar, Diwali is the festival of lights which is observed all over the world. The most joyous festivity take place in India with homes decorated, gifts and sweets exchanged, 1000s of lamps lit and firecrackers burnt. It's origin dates back 1000s of years back to when lord Rama came home after conquering the demon king ravana.

7. Yi peng lantern festival in Thailand: 14th November

On the full moon of the 12th month in the traditional thai lunar calendar, the Yi Peng festival is celebrated throughout Thailand. This event is of great spiritual importance to thai people, paying respect to buddha and new beginnings. 1000s of people release lanterns into the sky while making a wish to create good luck for the following year and dispel negative thoughts. Buddhists use this time to reflect and let go personal demons and negativity.

8. Harbin Ice festival in china: December-January

The harbin ice festival is spread out over December and January, with 70 days filled with many activities in this impressive winter wonderland. Visitors will see all manners of bizarre, beautiful and magical sculptures created out of 8 metre high ice blocks, the diverse range of designs ranging from a dragon boat to a couple of cupids. The sculptures also include replicas of China's most iconic attractions including the great wall of china and the emperor's summer palace in Beijing.

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