Thinking Of An Awesome Bar To Hangout With Friends In Delhi ? Try These For Capturing The Happiest Memories

 Many new bars have come up in Delhi to attract young boys and girls to spend their happiest moments.

Here we go with some new bars with the same idea to extend in the coming months to rock you on their dance floors.

1. F Bar and Lounge

F Bar and Lounge, an attractive bar located at Connaught place of N block 1st floor baring the number 49/1. Coming up with the cost, it approx. costs 3,200/- per two heads with some alcohol along and 400/- for a pint of beer approx.

2. The Chatter House

Basically 'The Chatter House' is located at Khan Market within the 1st and 2nd floors of number baring 58. Costs 1,950/- for two people along with 200/- per beer to cheers.

3. #nofilter

Located at a Commercial Complex of SDA with number baring C-18 Costs approx. 1000/- per two heads and along with 175/- per beer.

4. Teddy Boy

Bares a door no. of N-86, 1st floor of Outer Circle within Connaught Place. Coming with the costs, charges 1,600/- for two and 85/- extra for a pint of beer to have.

5. Social Odeon

Social Odeon, located at same Connaught Place , D Block of Odeon Building, Radial 5 of 1st floor. Costs approx. 1,200/- for two heads along with 90/- approx. for a beer inside Odeon.

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