Niagara Falls: of the seven natural wonders of the world

Straddling the US-Canada border, Niagara Falls( collective name for 3 waterfalls) is one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the planet. On the Canadian side, the Horseshoe Falls is the largest while on the American side, the falls is known as the American Falls (separated by Goat Island) and the Bridal Veil Falls (separated by Luna Island). Located on the Niagara River, which drains Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, the combined falls form the highest flow rate of any water fall in the world. The Horseshoe Falls drop about 188 feet and are 2600 feet wide while the American Falls drop between 70 and 100 feet and are 1060 feet wide. The distance between the American extremity of the Niagara Falls and the Canadian extremity is 3409 feet.

1. Best Time to Visit

Summertime is best to visit Niagara Falls when it becomes both day and night attraction. Floodlights illuminate both sides of the falls until midnight. The oldest and best known tourist attraction at Niagara Falls is the ‘Maid of the mist’ boat cruise which operate from both sides of the falls. The American Falls ( US side) can be viewed from walkways along Prospect Point Park, which has a observation tower and a boat dock for the ‘Maid of the Mist’. One can get more views from the Goat Island. From here one can go to the ‘cave of the winds’ by elevator which leads to a point beneath Bridal Veil Falls. Also, on the Goat Island are the ‘Three Sisters Island’ and a walking path that enables views of the rapids, the Niagara River, the gorge and all of the falls. Most of these attractions lie within the Niagara Falls State Park. One can take guided trips on the Niagara Scenic Trolley along the American Falls and around Goat Island. Panoramic and aerial Views of the falls can be viewed from the ‘Flight of the Angels’ helium balloon ride, or by helicopter. On the Canadian side, Queen Victoria Park features manicured gardens, platforms offering views of both the American and Horseshoe Falls and underground walkways leading into observation rooms that gives one an illusory feeling of being within the falling waters. Skylon tower offers the highest view of the falls, and in the opposite direction, gives views as far as Toronto.

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