There is not a fixed time to enjoy and have fun on the beach. You can go at any time to enjoy the sea. Mostly people go in between winters to have a look to balanced sea. During summers the sun is at the topmost level and during this time it’s not enjoyable at all to do swimming in the sea. If you are planning to go to the beach just check your packing list first.

Never take heavy or loads of dresses with you. Keep in the notice to take western clothes or light weighted dress. The crowd at the beach remains cool and make yourself the part of the crowd too. Don’t wear such clothes which make you look different from others. Keep jackets with you because of cold winds that are mostly at the night time. Take cream with you to be safe from mosquitoes. To save yourself from tanning always take that cream with you which has high SPF. Avoid heels or boots and instead take flat slippers with you so that you might not face problem walking on sand. Plan your list in the right way so that you can enjoy your weekend properly and happily and don’t forget to capture your best moments there which would be memorable.

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