Here is all you need to know about the most exotic destination "GOA"

Goa! It’s the youth spot of India and people make sure to visit Goa at least one in their lifetimes and they are not wrong. Goa is Maldives for India and anyone who has ever visited that place will never deny this fact. There are some reasons that one should visit Goa at least once in their lifetime. These reasons are as follows:

BEACHES: Goa and beaches go hand in hand with each other. Though in India, the Goa beaches hold the world beauty in them. The beautiful blue water of the Arabian Sea provides the best outline to Goa and that’s what forces a person to come back again and again.

PEOPLE: The people of Goa are one of the most chilled out people. They won’t care about the clothes you wear or your appearance. They are too happy and peaceful to care. They have a very fun-loving attitute towards the tourists be it Indian tourists or foreigners.

WATER SPORTS: Water sports is one of the biggest pulls of Goa. Every beach offersa great deal of sports like Boating, Para-sailing, Banana riding etc. the best part is that the locals who conduct these sports are all well trained and experts. You just have to enjoy and not worry about anything else.

BOOZ: Well, Goa is one place where beer is cheaper than water and yes, it really is! You need not be high on money to go to Goa and have the best times of your life. Just carry your spirits and feel the place.

CHURCHES: The churches of Goa are one of the mos beautiful churches ever. They attract a thousands of tourists from all across the world. Some of them have a beautiful archetecture while the others have special historical stories linked to them.

FOOD: Goa is a must if you love Sea-foo! Not only sea food but Goa is full of beach shacks which offer you the cheapest and the best food there. As I said before, you need not be high on money to visit Goa.

TATTOOS: Goa is a hub of tattoos and piercings. You must get at least one ink when you go there because that’s a part of the culture their. Rather, it’s a trend which has blended so well in the society that it has become a part of the culture and most of the people who go there definitely get inked.

These are some of the specialities which makes Goa a place that should definitely be added to your bucket-list of the places you need to visit atleast once before you die! 

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