Glimpse of Indonesia – Must visit destination in your lifetime.

Land of paradise or call it as land of island ! Indonesia a must to visit destination in our lifetime. Enjoy the blend of culture and nature in the country of 1700 islands. Here are some exciting spots to be visited in Indonesia.

1. Jakarta

Capital of Indonesia , is the compulsory visit in the county be it a first day of your trip nor the last day you will find yourself for sure in Jakarta. Jakarta shows you the clear picture of congested city with large touch of modernisation in it. The capital is also know for its international hub which serves many airlines.

2. Bali

Personally, this is my dream destination after the glimpse of Bali in the Movie Eat Pray and Love. This beautiful spot as turned as a paradise to me. Beauty at its feet Bali stands as a top tourist and must visit spot in Indonesia. It has famous temples to see , the beach and night clubs to party all night.

3. Yogyakarta

Yet another must visit spot in Java. Want to rejoice with culture and food ? You are on the track , the streets of Yogyakarta is been filled with small shop vendors, puppet makers and food of its country at its best. You get to visit the great temples Borobudur and Prambanan . You get to drench into the history in the two great remains of the great religious.

4. Raja Ampat

Diving ! Diving ! Diving ! It’s all about diving into the wide blue sea in Raja Ampat. It stands at the world famous diving spot. Are you a marine life lover , here it is ,the sea is filled with 75℅ of coral species in the world and with more than thousand tropical fish species. What are you waiting for hop on to your trekking shoes and get set for a delightful paradise treat. Indonesia a must visit country in your lifetime.

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