10 Most amazing houses from all around the world

Almost every person has a dream of living a well-settled life that has the luxuries of a good car, lots of money and a big house. Here is the list of ten most amazing houses that the rich people want to buy.

1. Bran Castle, Romania

This castle is also called as the Dracula’s Castle and is considered as one of the most luxurious and expensive castles around the world. This is located amidst the perfect scenic beauty and its construction makes it one of the most beautiful residences to live in.

2. Kensington Palace Gardens, UK

Owned by the business mogul Lakshmi Mittal, this house is near to the residence of Prince William’s. This mansion has rich Turkish baths, a total of twelve bedrooms, a parking capacity of 20 cars. True luxuries indeed.

3. Fleur de Lys, USA

This heart throbbing house is in California. With 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 50 seater theatre, gymming facility, poolhouse, tennis court, guest house and all the luxuries, this 41,000 square feet house had to be included in this list.

4. Hearst Castle, USA

This is the most expensive home in the USA which has reportedly served as the honeymoon place of John F. Kennedy and the all-time classic Godfather was filmed here. It has amenities of 29 bedrooms, a movie theatre (obviously!) and a disco floor. It was constructed by William Randolph.

5. Franchuk Villa, UK

Located in London, this mansion radiates Victorian vibes because of its style of construction. This Victorian villa has 10 bedrooms and is equipped with rich and royal luxuries such as private movie theatre, a panic room and also an underground swimming pool!

6. Seven the Pinnacle, USA

Owned by the real estate tycoon Tim Blixseth and Edra Blixseth, this fabulous adobe is located in Big Sky, Montana. It has a golf community, multiple pools, gym, heated flooring, wine cellar, ski lift and a private ski. The location and the design of this house make it even more beautiful.

7. Fairfield Pond, NY, USA

If this house will be evaluated today, it will be worth 500 million USD. This humongous home owned by business maestro Ira Rennert is spread over a massive area of 62,000 square feet. This mansion is full of luxuries which have between 21-29 bedrooms, and 18-39 bathrooms. The dining room of the mansion is 91 feet long!! It has a 100 car garage, two pool houses, 164 seater theatre and whatnot!

8. Silicon Valley Mansion

This is considered as the most exorbitant home in the USA which serving shelter for a single family. It has two swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor) and enormous in-house space, a car garage with a capacity of 6 cars, a roof that can be retracted and many more. Not to forget the home theatre! Because of all these lucrative facilities, this house made it to this list.

9. Antilia, India

Antilia, owned by the Indian business mogul Mukesh Ambani, is frequently reported as one of the most expensive and amazing houses in the world by Indian media. It is worth of 2 billion USD when the construction and land rates are combined. This luxurious house needs a staff of 600 workers for 27 floors!

10. Villa La Leopolda, France

This is the largest and most expensive home in France equipped with all the royal luxuries. This house was named after King Leopold II of Belgium and it was constructed before world war 2. This is the house which is mentioned in many Hollywood films too! I imagined this house can be related to those alluring houses seen in Bond movies. This house is evaluated at $ 750 million.

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