Indian Railways is considered as a lifeline for the entire nation. 20 million people travel via trains on a daily basis and reach their respective destinations. The invention of railways in the late 80’s is acting as a magic bullet in this 21st Century.

No doubt, it is the fastest and cheapest way to get around but every journey via Indian Railways gives us a great lifetime experience and if you are travelling in an unreserved Passenger train then some audacious challenges will say hello to you.

Now, if you are a daily passenger or travel frequently via passenger trains in an unreserved compartment, you may relate to following things:

1. How easy it is to find a vacant seat? Isn’t it?

Once you enter the general compartment, your first step will be to find a vacant seat. Just to find yourself a comfort zone you will explore the complete compartment. Only you can feel this, that the dedication you put in to hunt for a vacant seat if applied at the time of examination, could surely get you a top score. The miracle happens when you get a seat and then that moment makes you feel that You are the king of this world. You find yourself at the driving seat and gets into the comfort zone. But if you are not able to find any seat, then while standing your eyes are on the other passengers who are sitting comfortably. Throughout your journey, you enter into a competition with your counterparts and the race of getting the seat starts, when someone sitting on the other side gives some signals of vacating the seat at the next station. Don’t loose hope, keep trying. One day you will get success while travelling in an unreserved compartment.

2. How clean the toilets are? Aren’t they?

Just to increase your general knowledge, there are 4 toilets in a compartment. So, you have 4 choices in case you have an urgent call from the nature. But before attending the call, please make sure that if it is controllable, then you are a true survivor otherwise you will have to burn mid night oil to reach to your destination. Even if you get to your destination then the stinky toilets might faint you and even you can start vomiting. There are many instances when the way to toilet gets blocked due to a lot of luggage. In that case, one needs to request those passengers to adjust their luggage without getting into a fight. No doubt fights are common in the train in such a situation.

3. People sleeping on the upper berth

Don’t ever try to disturb the sleep of the person sleeping on the upper berth especially in an unreserved train. These people are like a blood hound. You may invite trouble for yourself if you try to muddle their sleep. These are those people who loves to sleep and they can sleep anywhere, anytime, even in the most difficult condition like that of a general compartment. If you are travelling with these people then throughout your journey their snoring sound will fall on your eardrums and can cause a disruption in your mind. Beware of these people!

4. Do you enjoy watching people playing Card Games?

In India, there is a lot of talent in every corner. Playing cards and winning a game is also a talent and no one can play cards better than these train passengers and can match up to the kind of enthusiasm they exhibit and their excitement level. Their voice echoes in the complete compartment making a lot of noise. You can’t sit next to them as that particular seat is reserved for their colleagues and companions. They can even get into a fight with other passengers but will not adjust on their part for the seat as this would spoil their game. It’s a separate group of people. Some other passengers enjoy watching their game and also give their expert views.

5. Overexcited Children. It gives you an amazing experience. Isn’t it?

The children gets very excited while travelling in a train in fact they exhibit over enthusiasm. They aspire for a window seat and even start crying if they could not get a window seat. It’s very cumbersome for the parents to handle their children while travelling in a train and the problem gets bigger if the children start fighting for eatables and the most common fight is for the window seat. You may find these children very cute and charming but in reality they are a kind of vexatious. These children request their parents to purchase eatables from every vendor who come across their seat. Even the parents sometime get frustrated when their children ask them such silly questions i.e. about the names of railway station and when they will reach their destination. It may give you an amazing experience and a great time pass activity if you get a chance to watch the fight of children live while travelling in a train.

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