5 Restaurants at NH-1 Where You Should Stop To Experience The Best Food! 2nd One In The List Is Surely A “Temple Of Taste”!

Travelling is something which ushers a plethora of experience one may add to its tally of life journey. And to make travelling a lovely experience, adding a tinge of tasty food to quench the thirst of our empty stomach is like an icing on the cake. Now, if we are talking about travelling, then we can’t miss out one of the longest and oldest highways of India. Yes, we are talking about NH-1. Adding a new feature to its tally, NH-1 has become the new foodie’s heaven and a perfect hotspot of restaurants which are known for fascinating your taste buds.

Covering a distance of about 450 Km, the highway covers 3 states and connects New Delhi to the town of Attari in Punjab. This is the only highway where almost every city has the best food joint for its travelers, truckers and passers. People often drive from far off places to these destinations at NH-1 as no one has ever been able to hold a control on their taste buds while eating at these restaurants.

Here are the 5 amazing restaurants at NH-1 which are known for their mesmerizing food:

1. Gulshan Dhaba

Do you have a craving for Parathas? Then Gulshan Dhaba is a perfect place for you to seduce your taste buds because they serve the “tasty food for the soul”. Being the best food destination in Murthal, Gulshan Dhaba serves you with delightfully vegetarian and luxuriously mouth-watering food. The restaurant has taken the complete NH-1 by storm as even after 65 years it has not lost its hold over quality and innovative food items. From Dal Makhani Paneer to well-seasonal Gobi and Mooli ka Pratha everything here is a big hit especially during winters. Even if you want to thrill your taste buds with the desi ghee Prathas at reasonable rates then you should pay a visit to Gulshan Dhaba once with your family, friends and corporate colleagues. Indeed it’s one of the oldest dhaba with new taste.

2. Food Garage NH1, Panipat

Coming to the most decorative restaurants at NH-1, “Food Garage” is the only restaurant which tops the chart in giving a awesome experience to the hearts of the travellers. This is the only food joint which is like a “temple of taste”, here every moment is like a celebration and delicious food is surely going to blame your stomach for having such a low capacity. With a tinge of garage theme, the restaurant provides the customers with unique and thrilling environment where one can garnish their taste buds with delicious food items. With a blend of Punjabi Favorite in its multi-cuisine menu, this restaurant will give you the vibes of “Sona Punjab”. Open Café, Fine Dining, Snooker Club and Kids Zone with whooping discount offers to the customers adds to the gleam of Food Garage and trust me once you enter this restaurant you won’t feel like leaving the place as they serve “Food with an enthralling experience”. From a "Range of crispy starters to fantastic main course", the restaurant also specializes in festival celebration, get together and birthday parties which makes it a perfect place to dine out. Exactly, “heaven falls here” and being the foodie’s villa it is all set to welcome you at 76TH Milestone, NH-1, Panipat.

3. Haveli, Karnal

“Haveli”, Isn’t it sounding like a horror place? But trust me it’s the opposite. As soon as you will enter this restaurant, you will get the positive energy flowing into blood veins. The Punjabi Cultural experience and a royal ambience, eating here is truly a delight. The "jee aaya nu" attitude warmly welcomes everyone at Haveli. Known for its originality, Karnal Haveli is a synonymous name in the hospitality industry. The restaurant has almost every dish on the menu, and trust me they won’t tease your taste buds for the delicious food as they have a very fast service and high efficiency. The food here really has a 'homemade' feel to it. “Punjab ki Khushbu” and its tradition will increase your energy manifold. Come On! Fancy a quick trip to Karnal Haveli!

4. Lucky Dhaba, Jalandhar

Now, if you want to make a long lasting impact on your taste buds then you will be very lucky at Lucky Dhaba. With all-vegetarian menu, Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhni, and kheer are a few items which glorifies Lucky Dhaba. Started in the year 1967, the restaurant in its new Avatar is successfully serving the hungry travelers. Despite a stiff competition from Haveli, the restaurant has retained its food quality over time and transformed into a modern look. “Food is a worship” at Lucky Dhaba and Deliciousness is the tool to fascinate the people. Really, this restaurant makes you experience the quality food.

5. Pahalwan Dhaba, Murthal

Now, when it comes to food and best food joints then you can’t skip scooting to “Murthal” which is the emerging destination of food in Sonepat. And “Pahalwan Dhaba” adds to the gleam of Murthal. With its appetizing and authentic “Murthal Ke Parathe”, the food thrills your taste buds with the most amazing food you have ever eaten. Giving a tandoori zayka, the Parathas are made in a tandoor and served with a white butter floating on the top of them. At Pahalwan Dhaba, you will get almost every variety of Parathas ranging from Aloo, Paneer to mix-veg Parathas. Besides Parathas, there are several other food items which beautifies the menu. Don’t forget to drink the special Lassi at Pahalwan Dhaba. Let’s plan a visit to these restaurants soon.

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